Client Portal

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Client Portal is an online document storage and file transfer service. This service gives you anytime, anywhere access to your tax returns, financial statements, and other documents that you request be maintained online.

Your access to these files is via our firm’s website. These files will be accessible only by you and our firm, with the use of a personalized password. You can download copies from anywhere you have access to the Internet, such as from your home or office, your bank or attorney's office, etc.

Client Portal also provides a secure way for sensitive information to be transferred between you and our firm. This feature allows us to comply with IRS restrictions on fax and email transmissions, as well as privacy laws requiring encryption.

Transferring your QuickBooks and Peachtree files between our office and yours will be easier and more secure with this service.

Contact us if you want to use this service, or if you want more information about how this service can be a benefit to you.

Your tax returns or other documents will not be placed in the portal without your authorization.