Remote Technology

Remote Technology Brings Business Solutions As Close As Your Desktop

What is remote technology?

  • Remote technology is the Internet, and it is an essential utility for business.
  • This technology provides the means to connect your business to sources of goods & services that are necessary for your business.

What are the benefits of remote technology?

  • This utility gives you "Anywhere, Anytime Access" to information that enables you to manage your business efficiently.
  • Time and money savings can be realized from the reduced effort required to accomplish routine and complex tasks.

How can you benefit from the delivery of our firm's services via remote technology?

  • You can receive training on your computer from our office using a web conference. You and/or your staff never have to leave your home or office.
  • You can receive monitoring and maintenance services to your accounting data without the need to send disks back and forth. Remote technology is available to enable you to grant us access to your computer without us leaving our office.
  • You can receive support for your accounting software in real time. This technology allows us to view your monitor screen as you demonstrate your specific problem to us. We can demonstrate the solution as you view it on your screen, and/or we can actually fix the problem by making entries to the books on your computer.
  • Check out our Client Portal service. This service provides our clients with online access to their tax and financial documents, as well as file transfer capabilities. Click here to learn more about Client Portal.

What are some ways that remote technology can be used beyond accounting functions?

  • You and your staff can communicate in similar ways from your home to your office.
  • The operating systems of your computer can also be monitored and maintained remotely by your professional computer technician. These services are available from Reynolds Computer Services, Inc.

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